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HOME RUN Capsule Collection, the first delivery of 2021 by IMPT!. Drinking at Athflow, purposefully comfortable and within a more minimalist aesthetic. The collection was fully thought out, inspired, and operationalized in social isolation at home, designed to be versatile in the products and inspiring in concept.

When many had to reinvent themselves, IMPT! also had, and this collection came to prove that there is always a way to win when the factors remain unfavorable.

Softly inspired by the aesthetics of baseball, the HOME RUN collection has in its name a double meaning, firstly symbolizing victory, taking the name of the highest punctuation play, and celebration in the sport when the ball often comes out of the field. And metaphorically also related to the rush of work at home during social isolation.

Inspired by this baseball play, HOME RUN is a collection that makes us ‘throw the ball out of the stadium, which refers to our internationalization. We work hard to this objective is achieved, and this resulted not only in our professional preparation but also in our certification as B Corp. This milestone makes us have open doors together to companies inside and outside Brazil that have always inspired us and that have as their characteristic the high positive socio-environmental impact as we do.

In the same month of the delivery of the collection, IMPT! became the first streetwear brand from Latin America to become a certified B Corp (the 2nd in the World). It means that the brand joins a select group of fewer than 4000 companies in the world that are recognized for their high standard of socio-environmental impact, something that IMPT! carries in your DNA since your foundation in 2015.

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