Founded in 2015, IMPT is a lifestyle brand from Rio de Janeiro, more precisely from OLARIA. Founded by Victor Hugo and Carolina Ramos, the brand was born with the intention of promoting a lifestyle that values the ​​transforming and relevant power of those who do not conform to the limiting barriers.


IMPT has a global vision but chooses to drink from the sources of its local culture (the northern zone of Rio) to convey optimism, tranquility, confidence, elegance, and nobility through its creations.


In addition to urban fashion, the brand is directly linked to music and contemporary art, which inspires the slogan: “Music is the fuel. Fashion is the expression. Imagination is the designer."


As a response to its unconformed DNA, since its beginning IMPT has constituted as a social business, investing 10% of our revenue (being 2% to local non-profit organizations) and 2,5% of our time in local artists and collaborative local creative projects. 


The name IMPT means an abbreviation for the word “important”. Victor Hugo Ramos, founder and creative director of the brand, defines the IMPT’s contribution in the urban fashion scene as “a positive look that celebrates creative excellence, without losing attention to what is really important”.