Being a responsible company,  we serve artists and creators with high-value and high-quality products/services that celebrate and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.  We also have the mission to impact our local creative community investing 10% of our revenue (being 2% to local non-profit organizations) and 2,5% of our time in local artists and collaborative local creative projects. 


Cultural Impact Commitment:

We represent the local community of the North Side of Rio and the black community, creating and communicating the local identity in a beautiful, positive, and artistic way. We address consumers around the world. We promote the pride of the local identity promoting the greatness of the suburbs and outskirts (from Rio) creative potential.


Our focus is on the global market. We don't want to sell to the local community we want to collaborate with them and show that by being real in our identity, we are valuable and competitive to export our creations.


We create our products and services to serve as a positive experience, like mindblowing artwork, that impacts our costumers, inspiring them in a subjective way, and being relevant in their lifestyle in a practical way.


Environmental Impact Commitment:

We are committed to maintaining 20% ​​of our fashion production, environmentally sustainable, built with environmentally responsible inputs, recyclable, or reusable.